Conference Schedule

1 p.m.


Presented by Linda Cole, MAG Aging & Family Services

1:15 p.m.

The Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness on Older Adults

Presented by Emily Allen, Senior Vice President of Programs at AARP

This discussion is designed to help practitioners across sectors – as well as individuals and caregivers – better understand the similarities and important differences between loneliness and social isolation and the impact on health and well-being of older adults. During the discussion, we will explore risk factors for isolation at both the community and individual levels; gain a better knowledge of the costs of social isolation; learn practical tips on what you can do to help yourself, your loved ones, or other older adults in your community; and learn about AARP Foundation’s Connect2Affect platform and resources.

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2:15 p.m.

The signs are all around us: spotting warning signs of older adult abuse

Presented by Megan Schmidt, Utah Department of Health & Human Services

Through this presentation, we will define who is a vulnerable adult in Utah, how to identify warning signs, spot those "red flags", and how no one is immune to the risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. We will learn how to protect our older adults through engagement, advocacy, and empowerment, and how to report concerns of older adult abuse to Adult Protective Services.

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3:10 p.m.


3:20 p.m.

Caregiver Burnout: Managing Sparks and Rebuilding Energy

Presented by Kathy Nelson, SLCO Aging & Adult Services

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) 2022 research reports that 46% of care professionals are experiencing symptoms of burnout, and 53% of family caregivers are reporting declining health related to caring for others. Join the discussion. Explore the Charcuterie approach to building energy and managing the sparks that lead to burnout. Learn how small efforts can have big impacts on the effectiveness of services and a caregiver or care provider’s quality of life.

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4 p.m.

Safeguarding Elders: Connection and Legal Planning

Presented by Klea Harris, Attorney at Angel Advocates

Embark on a transformative journey with the presentation, 'Safeguarding Elders: Connection & Legal Planning.' Explore the potent blend of human connection and proactive legal strategies, navigating pitfalls from inadequate documents to financial risks. Engage in discussions on fostering family unity, community networks, and collaborative planning as an unyielding defense against elder abuse. Join a movement committed to empowering and protecting elders through connection and legal foresight. Redefine elder care with a future where elders thrive, supported by shared responsibility and compassionate connections.

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5 p.m.

Closing remarks

Presented by Linda Cole, MAG Aging & Family Services